Purpose Driven + Profitable Mastermind

I'm ready for
4-5 fig months!

Run your business with soul and authenticity… and make a *buttload* of money while doing it.

Calling all purpose-driven entrepreneurs

Have you been feeling burnt out, wanting to throw in the towel, and maybe even questioning if entrepreneurship is right for you? This program is for you!

You didn’t take the leap, start a business, and consistently show up to not see the results you want and deserve.

Here’s the thing…

Business CAN and SHOULD be simple. Stupid simple, in fact.

But there are a looot of coaches out there that are overcomplicating the process.

They do it because they were taught that it makes them more valid and because they think they’re adding value to your business.

The problem with this is that it’s keeping you at the backend of your business, away from your soulmate clients, and stuck trying to learn new processes that aren’t really intuitive or helping you.

You really can show up on social media to bring your dream clients into your offer, nurture them through a sales funnel, and book your business the F out. And you can do it all WITHOUT abandoning your authenticity, heart, and values.

Mmmmm Big Facts

My business has changed forever because of her, I’ve learned to listen & honor the voice inside me.

I’ve been able to get rid of the pressure and lean into my intuition,
and because of it was able to make about $17k in my last month of working with her. And it felt EASY.

Annabelle Dura 

Alignment + Purpose coach

what if instead of feeling...

You could feel...

X Frustrated from trying out new courses and never seeing any real results

X Trapped in a paradox of needing to sell but not wanting to sell because it feels sleazy

X Held back by limiting beliefs and lack of self-trust

X Lost on how to make your business and income more sustainable

✓ Supported by your systems and strategies because they’re custom-tailored to YOUR business

✓ Empowered by an ethical sales process (yes, it’s possible!)

✓ Confident taking up space and showing up on social media + email to blow up your biz and visibility

✓ Secure knowing how to create multiple streams of income and sales funnels

You weren’t born to be put in a box.

You were born to be you, and to get paid buttloads doing it.  

There’s more for you, and I’ll help you get there…

Let's party!

Purpose-Driven + Profitable Mastermind

If you are an entrepreneur who is ready to scale the heck out of Your business to create consistent 4-5 figure months, get solid systems that feel aligned with your soul and values, and learn how to maintain self-belief through mindset and rituals for when things get a lil' rocky...

Babbbby do I have something for YOU!

Since your coaching program my monthly semi-active income has doubled. All programs have been booked before full launch. My programs are all sold out. I have completely transformed the way I operate in my business and I have freedom & ease. Only working with clients who are aligned.

The rest of the year is financially taken care of even if I don’t offer anything new. Like whoa!

Maria Fernandez 

Intuitive development and spiritual connection collective

Say no more, I'm in

Let's Skip to the Good Stuff!

Here's what you'll get:

  • Weekly 90-minute group coaching calls
  • One 90-minute strategy call with Aubrianna + Custom Business Report
  • Access to online learning modules that go over customizable strategies and outlines that take a strategic and soulful view to business (These are juicy AF! And transformational to your business, if I do say so myself.) 
  • 1:1 Voxer support (So that you’re never alone in business. I got you!)
  • Access to a soulful business community for additional support, guest speakers, and drop-in coaching

Get ready to learn about sales funnels, lead generation, attraction marketing, income stacking/sustainable income, business structures, messaging/positioning, driving sales from social media, empowering sales practices, creating multiple streams of income, creating a successful launch, operating your business, and CEO mindset.

The Purpose-Driven and Profitable Mastermind is a blend of simple business systems that WORK, soulful marketing, and empowerment practices to help you have the business and income you deserve.

Want in? I’m honored to have you!

Begins February 22nd, 2023

Calls are held Wednesdays 2pm PST, 3pm MST, 4pm CST, 5pm EST

Total investment: $4k
(Payment plans Avialble)

Be Purpose-Driven AND Profitable

Breakthrough to your next level and create 4-5 figure months with business systems that are easy, simple, and fun.

  • Knowing how to scale to consistent 4-5 figure months sustainably
  • Feeling empowered and confident in your business
  • With a whole new and improved relationship to your sales wound, money, and worthiness
  • Understanding your clients and knowing how to position yourself and offers in a way that feels GOOD
  • Knowing how to use attraction marketing so clients come to YOU (0 cold outreach!)
  • Knowing how to launch with a full framework to help you sell out
  • With strong sales systems, funnels, a strategic offer suite and pricing, a custom strategy, and emails, automations, and back-end systems streamlined in your business

You'll walk away...

You’ll be a great fit if…

  • You have some experience under your belt, have been showing up consistently, and are ready to take your business to the next level

  • Right now, you’re somewhere around $1-4k months and see lot's of ups and downs, but are looking to scale to consistent $5k months and beyond

  • You’re tired of cookie-cutter boxes, strategies, and approaches and want custom-tailored support

  • You’re anti-hustle culture and bro-marketing and are dedicated to eliminating harmful, gross business practices

  • You truly want to make an impact through your business

  • You want to end the overwhelm and keep your systems super simple, streamlined, and intentional

  • You love community and thrive being in a group environment but also value the 1:1 nurturing

  • You’re fully committed to the work and are ready to take up space

Wondering if this is right for you? 

Sign me up!!

When I joined Aubrianna's program, I knew I was in for a treat- but it was much more than I expected.I was able to attract and sign new soulmate clients into my first international retreat!

 Aubrianna and the community she built with our cohort on our weekly calls, not only motivated/supported me to scale my biz bigger, but helped me release many of the limiting beliefs I was holding onto.

Raisah Salima

Yoga/Mindful movement and Mindset

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