My Story

I help soul-centered, conscious, and ambitious entrepreneurs turn their vision into a sustainable, soul-centered, wildly-successful, and freedom-based business.

If you looked at my life a few years ago, many people would have seen a highly successful woman with a solid career.

I acquired a degree in marketing and public relations, climbed my way up the corporate ladder, and thought I’d found a place to fit in when I began working as a corporate headhunter. Still, even the so-called “perfect position” didn’t feel right.

I knew I was deeply intuitive from an early age and a chaotic upbringing led me to dive deep into healing and energy work.While still working in the corporate world, I became a certified Reiki Master and began facilitating healing sessions for family and friends as a side hustle.

After 8 years of trying to make it in the corporate world, I couldn’t deny my soul’s yearning for true freedom, flexibility, and purposeful-passion any longer.

So, I dipped out by quitting my corporate job and decided to let spirit guide me.

But my business was not an overnight success, and there were plenty of days where I was filling my gas tank with quarters.

It took a lot of trial and error, tears, and multiple leaps of faith to get where I am.

Today, I am the CEO of an abundant, soulful, and intuitively aligned coaching business.

I’m 100% self-employed, and every day I get to carve out a new path for myself and other soulful entrepreneurs creating ripples in their community.

The support I offer is truly unique. This is a cookie cutter-free zone! You can’t google the knowledge and applied experience that I offer my clients, and you’ll never find me pushing the “light and love only” magic pill.

I blend intuitive energy work and practical methodology to bring brilliant minds to the intersection of their innate wisdom and energetic strategy, allowing them to unleash their inner guidance system, facilitate quantum transformation, and live life 100% on their terms.

Hi, I'm Aubrianna

intuitive business coach, wife, and devoted coffee lover.

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