Kind Words

Adela Mora 

Legit would work with you any day of the week!

I have had the opportunity to work with Aubrianna on different occasions, and each one has been amazing! She has done energy readings for me, and even did an energy reading on my baby while I was pregnant. She channeled so many spot on things - it was trippy. Most recently Aubrianna has helped me expand my business. As a solopreneur it can be really challenging brainstorming and navigating new ways to bring ideas to life within my business. I had one 60 minute call with Aubrianna, and in that one call we discussed new services that I could offer, new packages, and price points that all felt authentic to my brand, and most importantly were sustainable. I went into this call not knowing what to expect or even what to talk about really. I had one small kind of idea about a service I wanted to discuss, and I left the call feeling really confident about my work, the value in my work, and my next steps. The best thing is that Aubrianna is so down to earth and chill it was easy to talk about ideas, money, business, action steps; it literally just felt like I was talking to a friend. Less than a month after this call took place I've started offering those new services, and had new bookings! If you have a budding idea, or need guidance within a growing business (or even established business) I highly recommend working with Aubrianna; she is real, and the energy she brings to the table is the absolute best. 

Check out Adela's work here: https://www.admdoula.com/

Postpartum Doula + Placenta Encapsulator

January 2021

Jocelyn B.

It is in very large part because of Aubrianna that I trust more in myself and in magic than I ever have. Having inherited a scarcity mindset from both of my parents, and being an intensely pragmatic person by nature, the idea of manifestation (and hiring someone to help me manifest) seemed naive at best and at worst delusional and irresponsible. But after a while, I got sort of tired of myself and wanted a different approach. Aubrianna is great for me and my background because she's balanced - like, woo-woo but with a practical, grounded foundation.

I took her wealth building workshop in January. At the time, I was apartment hunting in a very difficult market and was pretty much convinced it was never gonna happen for me. She taught me a spell - an actual spell! - that gave me a physical format for the manifesting and also helped me organize and name my specific needs around housing. I landed my current place within a month and it is - creepily - exactly what I asked for. While one could argue I might have happened upon the opportunity without the spell, having a daily housing meditation practice was grounding, anxiety-reducing, and confidence-building during uncertain and scary times. It also helped me hone in on my search. I have had two private coaching sessions with Aubrianna for sorting out an abrupt career change. She has given me the confidence I need to take calculated, intelligent risks. She supports me in having other streams of income during my transition so that I can relax around money. I come away from time spent with Aubrianna feeling relaxed and squared away.  

Christine H.

Firstly, it's a pleasure being a client, student, and friend of Aubrianna for the past three years! I am so humbled and grateful to have been a part of Aubrianna's Wealth Consciousness Program in January 2021- I'm glad I made the decision to join!

I resonate with Aubrianna's style of communication and teaching. I appreciate her directness, clarity, humor, and warmth!

The class format was flexible. I enjoyed that classes were weekly and that group energy work followed the day after class! It made sense to initiate mental unlearning and to introduce new concepts during class; and then to receive energy work to clear, transmute, and integrate our learnings the following day.

The course materials are fantastic - not too little and not too much work. I love that I have access to the materials even after the course ended so I can work on any specific areas of my process if I decide to.It felt really good to be in a group setting; I felt that we got to witness one another's growth and had a small community. The private Facebook group was so helpful as well! I was sad to leave on the last day, as class and group healing was something I looked forward to every week!

In addition to the group setting, the course includes a one-on-one with Aubrianna. I found Aubrianna's intuitive guidance to be motivating, encouraging, and supportive for me.

Aubrianna's work is so valuable as it offers deep healing as well as both internal and external transformation! While I know that I am still working through mental blocks in my relationship to wealth and manifestation, I've also never felt so confident about taking control of my desires to best serve my needs and my role in this life! 

Nathaly G.

I've been following Aubrianna on Instagram for a couple months now and have been super curious about her practice and Reiki but the opportunity hadn't come about. Once I finally pulled the trigger, Aubrianna was so easy to book an appointment with and totally flexible with my schedule.

My session with Aubriana was life-changing, to say the least. Having not ever done Reiki before I was a bit nervous because I didn't know what to expect - she made me feel comfortable as soon as I arrived. During my session, I felt all sorts of vibrations going through my body and felt so at peace. The natural oils and ambiance of her space really enhanced my experience. After the healing session she went over notes she took during the process. She took her time explaining what she healed and explained how some pain points might have come to be.

She let me ask as many questions and when into detail on how to use my energy to protect myself and set intentions that will help me manifest what I want in life.

It's been a couple of weeks after our session - I haven't felt this great in a really long time and it has really inspired me to pursue my spirituality. I can't wait to have another session - would definitely recommend having a session with her.

Paige S.

Aubrianna is absolutely amazing. She has the most uplifting and inspiring energy. Working with her impacts you immediately, from her reiki sessions or past life readings to working with her doing my intuitive training Aubrianna's able to make me feel comfortable and understood on a whole new level. Working with her and having her share her gifts with me is truly an honor and I’m so grateful for her!