Quantum Business Expansion Group Coaching Program

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3 Month coaching program designed for Soul Aligned Business Owners who are ready to bridge the gap between their intuition and income to create more freedom, impact, and profit!

Are you ready to join a group of powerful, conscious, and intuitive business owners who are ready to activate their innate wisdom, rise into their authentic power, and activate their wealth frequency to create the business they have been longing for? It starts with deciding you are ready. 

I know you can already see yourself, grounded in your body and business, getting to serve so many people,  sales rolling in with ease, and creating more freedom than you ever thought possible. 

If you are struggling with: 

- Limiting Beliefs
- Business Strategy
- Energetic Blocks
- Lead Generation
- Sales + Marketing
- Lack of Clarity
- Inconsistent income

Then this program is for you!! 

My name is Aubrianna Kay, and I am an Intuitive and Energetic Business Coach who helps clients honor their intuition and blend it with hard hitting business strategy to help you blow up your biz. I work with the energy beyond the seen in the unseen to see what is REALLY keeping you stuck and stagnant in your business and integrate that with a potent strategy to help you leverage your efforts to get real results. Whether you’re playing it small, are afraid to be seen, don't know what to do in your business or you know you need to sell but don't know where to start-

You will leave feeling fired up, aligned, and supported with a custom strategy to scale your business to 4 to 5 figure months. 🥳 💸🔥

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My business has changed forever because of her, I’ve learned to listen & honor the voice inside me.

I’ve been able to get rid of the pressure and lean into my intuition,
and because of it was able to make about $17k in my last month of working with her. And it felt EASY.

Annabelle Dura 

Alignment + Purpose coach

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Quantum Business Expansion Group Coaching Program

The Intuitive Business Coaching Group is 3 months of deep support to help you expand, align, and create in your business. Each week you will be guided through a module looking at both an intuitive aspect of your business AND a strategic one. You will be supported in the community as well as getting a 1:1 Intensive session to work on what your business needs most! 

1 One on One 90 min intensive - You will personally have me in your business! 
Here are some of the things I have accomplished with clients in these sessions: 

-Review where you’ve been and how you’ll get to where you want to be.
-Get clear on your messaging, offers, and pricing.
-Define your soulful sales strategy.
-Create your signature method for aura marketing and attracting soul clients with ease.
-Identify and integrate the tools you need for automation and scaling.
-Create a sales funnel
- Automate your business
- Build out a passive income stream 

Bonus: 1 One on One 60 Min Transformational Healing Session with Soul Embodiment Coach and Celestial Guide Ashli Kunzler to help you clear abundance blocks!

Weekly Coaching Calls with Intuitive Work and Strategy Assignments
- Weekly strategic lessons, energy work, rituals, and intuitive downloads. 
-Space to integrate, detox patterns and beliefs, and get continued support.
-Coaching calls will include Intuitive Work, Energy Healing, NLP, and Channeling to help preserve and protect your energy as you work through your transformation and step into your power.
- Weekly lessons on strategy to help support you in building and scaling your business. 
- Tailored coaching on strategy, offerings, pricing, and building income streams. 
- Time for coaching on each call to ask questions, talk about what is coming forward, and work towards our goals. 

Weekly Modules 
-Designed to help you tune into your intuition, uncover what's holding you back, and provide clarity and support to exceed your limits.

Additional One Hour Drop-In Coaching Once a week

1:1 VOXER SUPPORT- So you always have me in your back pocket!

Lifetime access to the network- with monthly bonus workshops and speakers for ongoing growth!

Investment $3,500
(Payment Plans Available) 

August 24th- November 9th Wednesdays @ 4:30-6pm PST
(5:30-7pm MT, 6:30-8pm CST, 7:30-9pm EST)

- An intuitively rooted business that sustains authentic personal sovereignty.

- An attunement to the energy of divine compensation.

- A road map to financial abundance.

- Confidence in your role as a full-time spiritual CEO.

- A soul-crafted A-to-Z blueprint for your business.

- A strategy for automating and scaling authentically.

- A signature method for magnetic selling and attracting soulmate clients.

- One-of-a-kind rituals for energetic maintenance, manifestation, and quantum transformation.

- A clear understanding of your field of genius and how to use that soul-energy to stand out online.

- Re-wired beliefs and thought systems that support your soul’s purpose

- A sustainable and conscious relationship with wealth, money, and abundance.

- A renewed connection to your intuition and its ability to support you in your life and business.

What results can you anticipate after 3 Months?

This support is an energy and intuition-first approach, this curriculum is designed to teach you how to use utilize your innate energy to create balance, ease, and flow within all aspects of your business and life.

Each week we will focus on a different aspect of business where you'll learn-

- What selling from the soul means for you and your business

- How to integrate aura marketing to attract soulmate clients with ease.

- Manifestation techniques for leveling up your life and business with joy.

- Energetic Hygiene practices that support you through transformation.

- Intuitive business strategy for massive shifts in both profit and purpose.

- Practical tools to automate and scale your business authentically.

- How to uncover your unique intuitive guidance system to support you in life and business.

Heart-Centered Leaders

This Intuitive Soulpreneur Program is optimal for:

Who wants a program that gives them the knowledge and tools necessary to exceed their limits, unsubscribe from hustle culture and step into a higher frequency of entrepreneurship.

Karissa RayaI reached a point in my business where I need to be sure there’s a solid foundation as I scale and grow. I was also approaching burn out. This is when, by zero coincidence, Aubrianna’s message in an instagram post found me and it was about burnout. I signed up for her 1-1 program immediately following this. I was ready for a more intimate support than a group program could offer.

Aubrianna’s gentle and intuitive approach was such a match to the nature in which I operate my business and life from. Her knowledge and skills are impressive and she supported me to explore ways to organize my business that aren’t as active to support the lifestyle I am seeking in my life and business. She also supported me in feeling confident with income mapping and increasing my rates substantially. As an intuitive energy worker myself, I really valued being able to receive this Aubrianna’s energy healing and her medicine through her coaching.

In the program, what I found most valuable about working with Aubrianna is that she holds space for the energetic and emotional parts of being an entrepreneur, in addition to the tactical support, practical needs and strategy of business.

- Karissa 

Working one on one with Aubrianna was an absolute game-changer in my business. Since working together my income has had a 220% increase month after month with a total monthly income increase of almost 600%. Having a business and running a successful online community that can support me and my wife, no longer feels like a far-off vision, but rather a reality. I am finally making good money in my business. My mindset, approach, and strategy that I use in my business have completely changed thanks to Aubrianna, I can't recommend her enough. Before working together I felt lost, overwhelmed, and like my business wasn't growing. She has a way of helping you find what works in your business without making it feel like you sold yourself to the Devil.

The one-on-one Zoom sessions we had exposed me to the past traumas that held me back from spreading my wings. To be completely honest lots of tears were shed in the first half of the process which has allowed me to step into the new me so that I can show up for myself and my business. I found myself having breakthrough after breakthrough making this investment in myself opened so many doors and opportunities for me.

What Aubrianna brings to the table is definitely a coaching program that packs a punch of accountability, honesty, action, and genuine Love. Her dedication to helping one succeed in every aspect of your journey is mesmerizing. 

- Erica L.

Where do we even start!? Our hearts are filled with so much gratitude for Aubrianna!! A few months after opening our Soul Community, we knew we needed some assistance. All the magic and love was there but we needed guidance on how to bring it into the world. Aubrianna helped us get out of our way and stop playing small. She gently, yet firmly, held space for us as we embraced our authentic gifts as spiritual women, running a heart centered community. She helped us clear limiting blocks and fears that were coming up around being seen as leaders in our community. She helped us gain clarity behind our message by helping us understand who our ideal members are and how to connect with them. Aubrianna assisted us in breaking down the parts of our business that felt overwhelming and guided us to create a plan of action that felt in alignment. Beyond the coaching, we also experienced personal healing.

While working with Aubrianna we had a 400% increase in membership rates, and the members keep coming in!
This growth is truly because of the energetic shifts and tangible coaching tools that Aubrianna provided.

If you are ready to bring your vision to life and step into your greatness as a spiritual entrepreneur Aubrianna is the coach to help you get there!

So much love and gratitude for her, her gifts and her easy to use processes!! 

- Stefanie & Ashli

Being part of Aubrianna's intuitive business program helped me reshift my focus inward, which is where the magic in my business happens. 

I was feeling confused about my offers and how to make sense of being multi-passionate. Having a space to realign my goals & strategy with my greater vision & intention was exactly what I needed. I tend to be a "fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants" person and usually act on instinct in the moment...which was preventing me from clarifying a sales funnel and bringing some automated flow into my business. 

Aubrianna helped me create a sales funnel in a way that felt doable (and even fun!). I've been able to restructure my business in a way that allows for multiple offers while making sense and feeling soul-aligned. 

I highly, highly recommend Aubrianna's group program.


Aubrianna's intuitive biz coaching is perfect for any soulpreneur who wants to remain authentic while growing their business.

Her advice is custom tailored to who you are and your gifts. She also challenges you in a gentle way to stretch outside of your comfort zone in order for you to grow. Aubrianna has helped me feel more confident in restructuring my offerings, see my worth and value reflected in my prices and also take steps towards working less, while still being of service to my community.

- Ana L

I was feeling stuck in my coaching business and looking for support when I found Aubrianna on Instagram. I instantly resonated with her energy and the way she approaches business and I decided to take a leap of faith and sign up for an Intuitive Business Intensive. From the very beginning, I immediately felt supported by Aubrianna and knew I was in good hands. Her coaching is an incredible blend of intuitive guidance, energy work, and practical strategy that is unique to you and your goals. She holds incredible space and is so kind, compassionate, and truly gifted at what she does.

Since working with Aubrianna, I have more clarity on my vision and the direction of my business, more confidence in myself as a business owner, and an aligned and strategic plan to make my vision a reality.

I also signed 2 dream clients into my private coaching mentorship and had my first $8K month!

I highly recommend working with Aubrianna to take your life and business to the next level!

-Kimberly K.

Working with Aubrianna in her first quantum business expansion group was game changer for my shop. Starting my business I did not have direction nor an end vision of what I wanted it to become. I knew I needed more structure and had a hard time asking for help. 

Working in this group helped me build foundations for my business. She helped clarify my vision and really empowered me to trust in my magic. Not only that, but the bond that was formed in the group is something that I will treasure forever. There could not have been a greater group of people. The support continues far beyond the 1 hr class. There are resources always available not only to provide guidance but to make things easier for you.

I can’t stress enough how much pressure was removed and how clear the expansion of my business has been. There is nothing aubrianna wont work to help you with. If you want to work with her, go for it. She will not let anything get in the way of that.


Legit would work with you any day of the week!

I have had the opportunity to work with Aubrianna on different occasions, and each one has been amazing! She has done energy readings for me, and even did an energy reading on my baby while I was pregnant. She channeled so many spot on things - it was trippy. Most recently Aubrianna has helped me expand my business. As a solopreneur it can be really challenging brainstorming and navigating new ways to bring ideas to life within my business. I had one 60 minute call with Aubrianna, and in that one call we discussed new services that I could offer, new packages, and price points that all felt authentic to my brand, and most importantly were sustainable. I went into this call not knowing what to expect or even what to talk about really. I had one small kind of idea about a service I wanted to discuss, and I left the call feeling really confident about my work, the value in my work, and my next steps. The best thing is that Aubrianna is so down to earth and chill it was easy to talk about ideas, money, business, action steps; it literally just felt like I was talking to a friend. Less than a month after this call took place I've started offering those new services, and had new bookings! If you have a budding idea, or need guidance within a growing business (or even established business) I highly recommend working with Aubrianna; she is real, and the energy she brings to the table is the absolute best. 

- Adela M,

Firstly, it's a pleasure being a client, student, and friend of Aubrianna for the past three years! I am so humbled and grateful to have been a part of Aubrianna's Wealth Consciousness Program in January 2021- I'm glad I made the decision to join!I resonate with Aubrianna's style of communication and teaching. I appreciate her directness, clarity, humor, and warmth! The class format was flexible. I enjoyed that classes were weekly and that group energy work followed the day after class! It made sense to initiate mental unlearning and to introduce new concepts during class; and then to receive energy work to clear, transmute, and integrate our learnings the following day. The course materials are fantastic - not too little and not too much work. I love that I have access to the materials even after the course ended so I can work on any specific areas of my process if I decide to. It felt really good to be in a group setting; I felt that we got to witness one another's growth and had a small community. The private Facebook group was so helpful as well! I was sad to leave on the last day, as class and group healing was something I looked forward to every week! In addition to the group setting, the course includes a one-on-one with Aubrianna. I found Aubrianna's intuitive guidance to be motivating, encouraging, and supportive for me.
Aubrianna's work is so valuable as it offers deep healing as well as both internal and external transformation! While I know that I am still working through mental blocks in my relationship to wealth and manifestation, I've also never felt so confident about taking control of my desires to best serve my needs and my role in this life! 

- Christine H.


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